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Who We Are

Our history goes back several years in aviation and agriculture, prior to entering the spray drone industry. We believe the two business fields relate pretty well. We are becoming known for first-class sales, service, support, and crop spraying with drones throughout the southeast. The Hinterland team is highly professional and has all the expertise in agriculture, farming, aviation, and other related activities. It’s not just the drone operations; our entire crew works tirelessly to bring highly sustainable solutions by ensuring drones are a viable option for maximizing yield. We have the required solutions for most agricultural businesses regardless of its type, size, environment in which it operates, and the type of crop we are working with. We have many happy clients who spread satisfaction by word of mouth, which is why we have such a growing name in the agriculture industry.

What We Do?

At Hinterland, our mission is to bring value to customers. We utilize and provide the latest and most advanced technology to our clients. Whether it is something related to sales and support, spraying crops, or spreading granular products our team and drones are ready to serve you. In addition, we also provide insight and guidance for safety, legal documentation, and other related requirements. Whenever you need top-level drone crop spraying services or want to purchase your own drone to spray at your leisure give Hinterland Drones a call and we will make it easy for you! 

Our Story

About the Owners

Though growing up in the then small city of Opelika, Alabama, four brothers were raised on a farm south of town. From throwing square bales, to walking rows of cotton, hoeing pigweed, and doing mostly our own construction and equipment maintenance with our father, we learned life. 

In 2001, Myles earned his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and Economics from Auburn University.  About the same time our mother took three of us to see the Blue Angels in Pensacola, Florida.  That is where Drew, the youngest of four brothers, found his calling to aviation.  In 2011 Drew earned his bachelor’s degree in Professional Flight Management from Auburn University.

Myles used his Ag Business and Economics degree to move on to sales and later estimating in aggregates and asphalt industry. Drew flight instructed at Auburn, flies in the military, and has been a commercial airline pilot since 2011.

Technology is continuously improving and being demanded in all fields of business.  This does not exclude agriculture.  Being in the airline industry and seeing increasing improvements in drone technology he figured why not combine his aviation experience with my passion for agriculture.  In the fall of 2022, we decided to make an investment in improving agriculture through safety, technology, reduction in costs through less time in the field, and optimizing specific applications of products where they are needed most, all the while having fun flying.

As the agriculture industry embarks on a rapidly changing application sector we want to see it through that all farmers have access to either commercial applicators or the purchase, service, and steps to be set up as a legal drone operator.